Thursday, February 17, 2011


I need your advice! I feel so bad about not posting consistently, do you have any secrets to keeping your posts consistent? I've heard of people writing all their posts on one day and then scheduling them, but that seems very time consuming and somewhat challenging to come up with ideas. Plus with my busy high school schedule I don't find time to make posting a priority on a school night. Any suggestions for me? How do you post consistently with a busy schedule?

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Anonymous said...

That's a fantastic question!

Sometimes, I will sit for an hour or so and write out a couple of posts and schedule them for every couple of days ... but then that doesn't always work.

Whenever you think of something to write about, jot it down somewhere and then when you have a moment, you'll have something to write about - that way you won't spend all your time thinking of something to write about.

I don't have the secret ... you just have to feel like posting in order to post. Perhaps come up with a couple of photography things you can make into posts ... i.e. edit a photo, holidays, etc.

I do love reading your blog and hope that some sort of blog schedule is figured out! Your photography is beautiful and I'd hate to miss it!