Friday, January 7, 2011

Something New

Well, what do you think? I finally got it all together after an afternoon of rest. I'm feeling better too so that definitely helped! I'm not too sure about the header having a block of color in it but I'm not sure if I like the header on my tumblr better. Time will tell! I like it for now, but maybe the font will change too! We'll see! ha! But overall I'm so happy with the new look! One thing I was curious about though, was where is the Fix-It Friday on I Heart Faces? I was so excited that I would be home to do it and it's not there... Where is it? Does anyone know?
I'm a tad bit obsessed with reflection shots and I loved this one I got in Hawaii! I love the glow that is in the shot, SOOC! What do you think?


*Jess* said...

they are taking a break from it this week!

Mackenzie said...

Oh, darn! Thanks for letting me know!

texwisgirl said...

I thought for sure you had altered that photo. Very neat coloration/reflection! :)