Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I think that a new look will be here on Friday night or Saturday morning. I am planning on working all afternoon on Friday on it and hopefully it will turn out! Even though my new name will not be anything like the title now, I'm keeping my blog address so I don't lose followers! Right now, the main color will be navy with accents of either pink or green, possibly both! I have had ideas running through my head all week and finally have chosen my name. Now, I don't know the details yet, especially if I should end the title with photography or call it a photo blog? Plus, is photo blog one word or two? I'm confused! I just want to get this right because I would love to keep this title for the year and really grow my blog! I will work on this by participating in more weekly challenges and the key in my mind is comments & consistent posting! I'm hoping you like my new title, which I'll reveal with the new design! My new title has more personal attributes to it and it will be more representative of me! So excited!

This week has gone absolutely fantastic and this first week back has been an absolute dream! I don't think my planner has been this neat and sparse all year! How do you think I have had this time to blog after posting maybe once every two weeks? I love it! I hope it stays like this before finals (for the rest of the week), then I can get the new design up and post photos for everyone to read! 
Have you changed the name of your blog before? How did it go? How's your week going? Happy Tuesday everyone!

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