Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone has a fun and spooky day! This weekend has been full of Halloween cheer, just like when I was a little kid! Hopefully you will see more posts soon, I apologize for the lack of posting but school has just been crazy! Thanks for sticking in there and have a fun holiday!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Loving My Macro!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to get the Canon Macro 60mm 2.8 lens! I am loving the shots that I am getting with this lens and even went out in the light rain this week to take some photos! Here are some SOOC shots! I have been feeling like there is not enough time for school work lately and barely time for blogging! So I will be back soon but I will be back blogging and joining photography challenges soon!
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I'm also linking this post up with Macro Monday! My first Macro Monday, hopefully many more will come in the future!

If you live in the Seattle, WA area you must contact Tonhya at Tonhya Kae Photography! We had family photos taken today and she was absolutely amazing! Email her soon if you want some great family photos!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Macro Friday

I'm signing up for my first Macro Friday today and I am so excited to link up! This has been one of my favorite macro photos I have ever taken! 
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You Asked, Now I'll Answer! Part 2

I have decided to just answer all of the rest of your questions in this post! Then I can get back to posting photographs I have taken and everyone will have the answers to your questions! I may not answer all of your questions because others have asked the same questions and I answered them either in an earlier post or when someone else asked a question. Enjoy!
Missy from The real L.A. love story. asked:
{1} What do you see yourself doing with photography?
-{1} What a great question! Someday far down the line I would love to be a family photographer but for right now I'm just happy with taking pictures for fun and for my memories!

Mama Monkey asked:
{1} What camera setting do you use the most? {2} What settings do you use for group shots?
-{1} I use Manual or P mode the most on my Canon Xsi. I love it! {2} For group shots I just make sure that I have a big aperture so everyone is in focus!

Lacie asked:
{1} When shooting people/portraits do you have a favorite shot? {2} How do you encourage your subjects to act naturally so that the shots look more candid rather than posed?
-I don't shoot a lot of people or portraits, so I don't really have a favorite shot! That is a great question for some other bloggers though! Let me know in the comments what your favorite shot is! {2} Whenever I get the chance to take photos of people, I always just try to have the camera up and present and then they start to warm up to it. But sometimes the "don't smile" and the "don't look at me" work well too!

Thank you for all your questions! I had so much fun answering them!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

You Asked, Now I'll Answer! Part I

I reccently had an Ask Me Anything post where you could ask me anything and I would answer! I figured since I had posted it on Saturday, Thursday would have given everyone enough time to ask their questions and that I'd answer them today! Here is part one of your questions and my answers! I'm not sure how many parts I will have but I will definitely be breaking them up! Of course, if you ever have any other questions just leave a commet and I will try my hardest to go back to your blog and answer your questions!
Ashley Sisk asked:
{1} When did you first pick up a camera? {2} What do you want to be when you grow up?
-I first picked up a camera when I was much younger but I first picked up a DSLR during 7th grade. I am so lucky to go to a school that has amazing photography resources and classes for me to take. During 7th grade I took Yearbook and we took pictures for the yearbook. I fell in love with this class and taking pictures, that the summer after I got my Canon Rebel Xsi! I haven't put it down since! To answer your second question I have no clue what I want to be when I grow up! I know that someday, I'd love to have a family and then on the side be a family photographer, but who knows!

Jess asked:
{1} Do you use Actions or Presets? {2} Which ones are your favorite?
-I love, love, love actions! I have posted about them before and absolutely love them. I use Pioneer Woman's actions about 95% of the time and then a couple odd and end presets I downloaded for free. I posted about them a couple weeks ago so you can find a lot of free action downloads there! I have yet to pay for actions yet!
Mandy asked:
{1} What kind of camera do you use? {2} What are some of the best photography tips you've received? {3} What editing program do you use? {4} What is your dream camera (if you don't already have it)? {5} If you could go and take pictures anywhere in the world - where would you go?
-{1} I use a Canon Rebel Xsi. {2} Oh goodness, the best photography tips... I haven't gotten a lot of tips from people, but mostly just read a lot of photography blogs & forums. Pioneer Woman is a great resource! So is American Mum! {3} To edit my photos I use CS4 but I used to use before that. {4} My dream camera would be a 5D Mark II, but I am crossing my fingers for a 60D in November for my birthday! {5} Oh another tough question! I actually have no clue where I would want to go! I love anywhere, as long as the weather is good and it's clean!!

The Wishful Lamb asked:
{1} Who is your greatest inspiration? {2} What are some of your favorite photos you have taken and why? {3} Advice for new photographers?
-{1} My greatest inspiration has to be some of the other blogs I read. Their photos are amazing and when I see them I want to stop whatever I am doing and go take pictures! Some of the blogs that I am inspired by are under Inspirations by the home tab below my header! {2} Some of my favorite photos, wow! I will make sure to post some favorites throughout this series! But the reason why they are my favorites is probably the feeling I get when I see them of wow, I took that photo and it looks incredible! Or at least I think it looks incredible! Ha! {3} Some advice would be to read (or skim) your camera manual, it is the dictionary for the camera! Also, read forums, blogs and any other resource you can get your hands on to look for help! Workshops can be great too, if you find the right one for you and your skill level. But most of all, never stop taking photos. Take it with you almost everywhere, photograph everything as well! It has helped me so much as a photographer to just take more photos. Oh, and one last tip is to try shooting in manual mode! It is absolutely incredible and it is not too difficult!!
Mandy C. asked:
{1} How long have you lived in Washington? {2} What is your favorite thing to take photos of? {3} What inspires you the most?
-{1} I have lived in the greater Seattle, WA area for my entire life! I was born & raised in Seattle. I love it here! {2} I love to photograph flowers & nature but also love photographing people when I get the chance! It does pose quite the challenge being a teenager and trying to take pictures of people, but I love it when I can! {3} I answered this question from The Wishful Lamb, it was her {1} question!

I think I will be grouping my answers in fives so it is not overwhelming! Thanks for the questions and I will keep posting them throughout the week!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ask Me Anything!

I'd be lying if I was a little pretentious about posting this but I figured I would give it a shot after seeing Ashley Sisk from Ramblings & Photos post this morning. I am doing a Q & A, so ask me anything and I will answer! Now I will still have control over which questions to answer, but if they are reasonable and not weird I will answer them to the fullest! Now please, ask away and I will post the answers sometime this week! I was thinking 25 followers would definitely be enough for a Q & A, so I hope I'm right! Ask away!


Aspire Photo Challenge
Can you guess what the theme is for Aspire's Photo Challenge? If you guessed JOY, you were right! I don't have a lot of opportunities to take pictures of people, so my joy submission this week is from this summer. If you've been reading for a while you may have seen this before! I love it and I truly think she has a lot of joy playing with little Oliver!
What do you think?

Click HERE to have me answer any questions you have!!