Thursday, September 9, 2010


I remember being in yearbook class in 8th grade, being amazed that my teacher would tell me what to set my ISO too. How did you know it should be 200? 100? What was the difference? I loved the class and loved taking pictures! Little did I know that Mr. Perreten's yearbook class would start such a large hobby for me! That summer, my parents gave me a Canon Xsi and I have grown as a photographer ever since! I had read blogs, done classes and read as much as I can about photography! I love photograpy! Never did I think this hobby would bloom into something that a friend and I would do on an afternoon! I'm loving this hobby of mine and can't wait to let it grow. I have finally transfered over to manual for most of my shooting, or at least for the last few weeks, and am loving it. I feel smart and love taking the pictures! I feel so camera-smart! Today I even went to a restaurant and took pictures of the food we were eating! Never would I have ever even thought about this before! I have definitely gotten more confident in my photography, even though yes I have had my ups and downs with my photography self-esteem, and can take pictures in public without others looking at me driving me crazy. I'm so excited what this new confidence will do to my photography!

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texwisgirl said...

That is just a stunning capture! Your photography is fantastic! You have skills I'll never have or understand, and most importantly, you have a fantastic eye! :)

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