Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Little Late & Finding Inspiration

This week I Heart Faces the photo challenge was "Got To Wear Shades." I always find myself scrambling to find a picture once it is too late to enter. I don't usually get my act together in time to submit it by Tuesday, so instead I just look around for options for the fun of it!
I'm not sure if this picture would actually work as an entry, since technically there is no exact face shot, but I think it would have worked! Let me know what you think!
Recently I have been having a hard time picking up my camera to go and photograph things. I've been taking pictures of the sunsets, but I'm loosing my inspiration and it is going fast. I have a lot of the same things to photograph day after day and I'm a little done taking pictures of the roses in our garden! How do you find more inspiration for your photos? Also, I would love to take more pictures of more people, how do you get pictures of more people when your sibling and parents are sick of the camera? Humf. Help!


Jessica said...

I have the same problem with people. No one wants their picture taken anymore... I just gave it a break, and hopefully will pick it back up soon!

Jessica said...

oh, and i love how you edited this... How did you learn to do all this in photoshop? what actions did you use?

Mackenzie said...

I just use actions, that's all. I open the photo and then use free actions that I downloaded from random sites online.

Jessica said...

like what ones?