Saturday, August 21, 2010

Actions! Actions!

This post will be about actions, if you hadn't guessed already! I'm a big, huge fan of actions, they transform my photography and most of them are free! I have yet to spend money on actions, even though I dream of doing so!! I recently found a link for a page where someone had put together a page of links where you can go to them and find free actions!! I could not wait to share this with everyone, so here it is! Link for free actions!

I have a question for everyone and anyone who reads this blog too! I was curious how you only apply an action to a certain part of the picture? For example, how do you only sharpen the face or apply the action to everything except the face of the person? Help! Any advice at all would be very appreciated!!

If anybody else has any questions about actions, I was thinking we could post about it in the comments! If you have learned anything about Photoshop too, post it in the comments! Hopefully I will learn a lot from you all and you can answer my question!

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