Sunday, May 30, 2010

"M" is for Manual

Over the last couple of weeks I have really wanted to start to learn how to use, the Manual option on my Canon Rebel, and this week I gave it my first try!
I realized that I can get great pictures using the M on the dial on the top of my camera, but it does take a little extra thinking!
I put together some other good things to remember, of which way to TURN the dial's to get the best results... "Oh I need this lighter, woah, this isn't lighter. There we go!" Ha!
While outside I took lots of pictures, and made lots of mistakes, but I learned through the process!
This summer I am hoping for some gorgeous weather so I can work on learning Manual mode on my camera, to help me use it all the time! I am now reading books about the basics and my goal is to know my camera's every button and what it does. I have been reading some great advice from other blogs about manual and there was one suggestion to know your camera by heart before upgrading and I think that is a great idea! So, wish me luck and if you have any suggestions PLEASE share them!!


Jessica said...

Are you going to upgrade soon?

Skeller said...

an excellent plan!!! this is exactly the path I took: I learned my Rebel backwards, forwards, upside down and upgraded only when I knew exactly how & why I had maxed out my Rebel.

your photography is beautiful - I absolutely love your most recent roses :-).