Friday, January 8, 2010

Fix-It Friday #40


This is the first Fix-It Friday of the new year, and I am really excited to see myself grow over the year with photoshop! This year it is my first Fix-It Friday using solely photoshop! I think this week went really well and I just need to figure out how to airbrush... Oh well! I think they are great at this point and I am getting good at my photoshop knowledge and capabilities! Here you go!


Edit 1:

Edit 2:

Edit 3 and my personal favorite:

Let me know what you think or any advice for a new photoshop user! Check out I Heart Faces for more!

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the monkey's mama said...

edit #3 is pretty spectacular! I love it!

Okay--i have a few blogging-tip tutorials on my Monkeys on the Bed! blog (like the menu bar and making a button). The other stuff--like the background, text, and fonts--are just a manner of tweaking your HTML coding. Since I don't own any photo editing software, I make my banners on PowerPoint! That is easy, too. I'm happy to help you with anything you need--let me know (email in profile!) because it might take me FOREVER to get a real tutorial out on my blog!

Have a great weekend!